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At Nonesuch Distillery, we are passionate about producing premium distilled spirits for you.

Made the traditional way, by hand over several months, our products are a labour of love. A labour of love that we want to share and that's why we have changed the way that we get our products to you. Instead of sitting them on the shelves of a retailer, we want to provide you with the best value and experience by selling them directly to you. Because after months of tender love and care in production, we want to pass each bottle straight to you.
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Hot Buttered Sloe Gin Toddy Recipe

June 21, 2016

We were overwhelmed by how much everyone enjoyed our Hot Buttered Sloe Gin Toddy last week at the amazing Dark Mofo Winter Feast in Hobart.  After getting lots of requests we are happy to share the recipe with you so you can make it at home. Hot Toddy’s are thought to improve colds and flu’s because alcohol numbs pain and encourages sleep, and the addition of fruit juice gives a boost of vitamin C. The science is out on whether Hot Toddy’s can really cure a cold, but one thing’s for certain – there’s a lot of fun in finding out.Besides being a great warming drink. INGREDIENTS 35ml Nonesuch Sloe Gin 100ml Apple juice1 10ml Cranberry Juice2   10ml Pomegranate Juice2 Knob of...

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Nonesuch Sloe Gin makes it to Northern Ireland

June 05, 2016

Selling the majority of our products either in person at the distillery or on-line has a tremendous benefit for us.  We get to meet our customers either face to face or on-line. Quite often a note attached to an order tells us that the product being purchased is a gift or there is a comment about their enjoyment of their previous purchase. We had one of those online and email conversations with Jackie from Berowra Heights in NSW.  Jackie informed us that she was ordering a bottle of our Tasmanian Sloe Gin to take with her to Ireland as a gift for her parents.  More than twenty years ago Jackie’s family had lived in Cambridge and used to make sloe...

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Please Fix The Tax

May 04, 2016

We are very aware of the old saying "never look a gift horse in the mouth" and were bought up to "be thankful for small mercies" so we need to state up front that we do appreciate the fact that the government faced up to the very unfair way excise is levied on alcohol. The Government announced in the Budget that it will extend the excise refund scheme to domestic distillers.  That scheme provides for a refund of up to 60 per cent of excise paid, up to $30,000 per financial year. Are we excited? Not much. Are we disappointed? A lot.
 The scheme will not apply to your Aussie made gin, whisky, brandy, rum or vodka until 2017/18.  But...

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Cooking With Gin - Dirty Martini Mussels

April 25, 2016

Tasmanian produce, whether it is from the sea, farms or orchards is amazingly good and is recognised nationally and internationally.

The small batch spirits distilled at Nonesuch Distillery are made with the care and attention to detail that ensures they continue the gourmet tradition of other Tasmanian producers.

When there are such great ingredients available it is just natural to match them for a foodie delight.

Dirty Martini MusselsThis recipe uses delicious mussels from Tasmania's pristine East Coast waters and wonderful Tasmanian olive oil along with our Tasmanian Dry Gin to create a dish based on the classic Dirty Martini cocktail.
(By the way, a true Martini uses gin. .... always gin)

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