Selling the majority of our products either in person at the distillery or on-line has a tremendous benefit for us.  We get to meet our customers either face to face or on-line.

Quite often a note attached to an order tells us that the product being purchased is a gift or there is a comment about their enjoyment of their previous purchase.

We had one of those online and email conversations with Jackie from Berowra Heights in NSW.  Jackie informed us that she was ordering a bottle of our Tasmanian Sloe Gin to take with her to Ireland as a gift for her parents. 

More than twenty years ago Jackie’s family had lived in Cambridge and used to make sloe gin using the berries they picked from the hedgerows there.  Jackie naturally wanted them to be able to enjoy a Sloe Gin from the other side of the world. 

The sloes that we use are picked from Blackthorn trees bought from Ireland and England by early settlers so we couldn’t help wondering if some of our local trees are the descendants of the trees known to Jackie’s family.

It was fantastic to get an email today from Jackie letting us know that she and the prized bottle of Sloe Gin had made it to Ireland.  Attached were photos of her parents with their gift and some shots of Blackthorn growing along the shore of Carlingford Lough, with the Mourne Mountains in the background.

(Just a little bit of trivia - Besides being the source of sloes, the Blackthorn provided the material that the Irish used to make their renowned shillelagh.)




Bob the picker said:

Sloe malt went well in France. We are now in Lericci, average temp.32 degrees. Oh, by the way, can we send Nonesuch product into France? Cheers from Bob and Viv

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