Sloe Gin going North by North West

August 30, 2015

It is always interesting to see where around Australia our signature Nonesuch Sloe Gin is going.  Of course the big cities and larger regional centres are well represented, as we would expect, but occasionally a name catches our eye and our interest. Wedderburn
It was an order for a customer in the Victorian town of Wedderburn that had us wondering today as this is not the first order to that destination.

We discovered Wedderburn is 214 kilometres northwest of Melbourne and, while it is a farming community now, its earlier inhabitants were gold miners and prospectors.

The fact that there is a replica still in Wedderburn’s Hard Hill Reserve had us feeling very close to people there even though the stills that were used in the district were for distilling Eucalyptus Oil. Albert Jacka who won a Victoria Cross in World War 1 lived in Wedderburn up until his enlistment in 1914. We understand there is a small gathering of mates around Wedderburn who enjoy a nip or two of our Sloe Gin thanks to the generosity of one of their band who discovered it on its release. Right now we are going to raise a glass to our customer and his friends up there in Wedderburn and wish some much needed rain for them.

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