Cheese boardContemplating what drink to serve with a wonderful cheese platter? 

If you want to really impress your guests serve a Nonesuch Sloe Gin.  It is one of the spirit’s secrets – it goes phenomenally well with cheese.   

Sloe Gin has much the same rich flavour as a Vintage Port but, despite being stronger, manages to taste lighter and fresher. 

Depending on the style of cheese, the botanical notes of the Sloe Gin either contrast with, or complement, the cheese and that makes for intriguing partnerships.

Sloe Gin with Stilton is probably our favourite pairing.  The mouth filling richness of Sloe Gin works superbly with this cheese.  

Goats Cheese brings out an herbaceous note in our Sloe Gin, or does the Sloe Gin bring out an herbaceous note in these cheeses?  Either way, this is a great marriage.

The saltiness and pungent aroma of Blue cheeses needs to be offset with a contrasting note of slight sweetness.   Our unique, handcrafted Sloe Malt is the real winner for achieving that. 
With the nut flavours and earthiness they take on as they age, cheeses such as Camembert and Brie stand up well to the sloe gin’s fruit-filled bouquet and it’s plum/cherry notes on the palate.   

Order now and add some "wow" to your next cheese platter.


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