We are naturally upset at the number of our subscribers and customers who are being affected by COVID.  Here in Tasmania we had been extremely lucky in avoiding cases but we are now having to live with the virus.
Wherever you are in Australia, we hope that you and those around you are, and remain, safe.

WHISKY: New French Oak - Cask Strength

An amazing cask strength single malt is now available on our website.
Cask Strength releases are whiskies that show rich character and smoothness straight from the cask and retain those attributes at a lower a.b.v.
Learn more about this whisky here 

SLOE GIN: Cocktail Strength
Nonesuch Sloe GinWe have released another batch of our classic Sloe Gin.
This has been bottled at 32% a.b.v.  This, combined with a greater ratio of sloes to spirit, means it shines in cocktails while still being smooth so that the purist can enjoy it neat.

We have made the decision to keep the distillery closed in regard to visits. Don't worry though, we ae still working away making product and getting your orders to you.
We simply cannot take the risk of one of us being infected or becoming a close contact.
That would result in us having to close the business totally and as a small, family business the financial impact of such an event would be severe.
We have always enjoyed showing visitors our little distillery and very much enjoyed meeting our customers in person and we hope you understand why we have made this decision.

January 07, 2022 — Rex Burdon

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