One Wave GroupRaising awareness of Mental Health is something near and dear to us so when Sydney based Art Director, Amy Roser, made us aware of the project she had underway to address this issue we were immediately on-board.

Amy is curating an exhibition titled "So Far So Good" with 100% of the profits going to support the amazing work of charity One Wave (pictured) along with another very active charity, batyr,.

Both One Wave and batyr have approached the work of raising awareness of issues such as depression and anxiety in unique and engaging ways.  

Please have a look at their websites to see the great work they are doing.

How are we supporting Amy and So Far So Good?

Our first undertaking was to support the opening of the exhibition by donating some of our award winning Dry Gin and Sloe Gin to be served on the night and to be used as rewards for people pledging funds on the group's Pozzible page.

Our second decision was to donate five dollars ($5.00) from the sale of any of our gins on our website PLUS give a five dollar discount to the person buying the gin.

This donation will apply to any purchase made via our website before 1 Nov 2018.  Use the code sfsg at checkout to activate the donation and discount.


So Far So Good is a text-based group show that aims to get people talking positively about mental health. 100% of profits are going to One Wave and Batyr, two local mental health non-profits. Dealing with personal stuff can be a really isolating experience so I am really passionate about starting up a dialogue with a big group of people and celebrating those who champion the mental health space every day.
I have 13 artists, a poet, the St O’Donnell boys on the music, a VR company, a number of brands, and loads of friends on board to help me realise the project – it opens on RUOK? Day and it’s already been a big success in terms of bringing a community together to acknowledge something that often gets swept under the rug. Stay tuned… I guess this is my ideal collaboration, just quietly. Tough but rewarding… and meaningful.



Winny Bayliss said:

Keep up the good work💜👍

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