In Tasmania nearly all the whisky produced is Single Malt meaning it is made using only malted barley and naturally Nonesuch also produce amazing Single Malts. 

But, we have a philosophy to create spirits with amazing and unique flavour profiles and this desire led us to creating Triple Grain Whisky

Our founder, Rex, always had the idea of producing this style of whisky and when his son, Chris, took over the whisky production he was of the same mind and determined to make "the old man's" thought a reality. 

Rex had envisaged a recipe including Corn, Rye and Barley and Chris finessed that and created our unique mash bill.  

Naturally the exact ratio of each grain used is a closely guarded secret but each grain highlights the others in the mash bill. 

Chris perfected the process for the mash, ferment (including the all important yeast selection) and casks for maturation to make sure this whisky reflected our benchmarks

The distillation itself was an easy choice.  

As Pot Stills are customarily used to distil full-flavoured Single Malt whiskies it was apparent to us that a pot-still would similarly enhance the mouthfeel and length of this Triple Grain Whisky.   

So, what is this whisky like?  As always, we are reluctant to be overly specific with tasting notes as we want you to discover the nose and palate as you enjoy the whisky. 

But as an overview, we can tell you that the peppery spiciness of the rye balances the sweeter, vanilla flavours the corn and both enhance the mellowness of the barley. 

The Nonesuch Triple Grain Whisky is a whisky that we are proud to add to our range.  

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