Single Malt Whisky - New French Oak "Overproof"

Product image 1Single Malt Whisky - New French Oak "Overproof"
Product image 2Single Malt Whisky - New French Oak "Overproof"

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"OVERPROOF” is a definition given to a spirit bottled at a strength over the standard 50% abv or 100 proof.

Not every whisky can shine at such a high alcohol content so when we discovered that this cask delivered amazing mouthfeel and texture at a bold 52% a.b.v. it became only our second ever overproof release.

The Overproof allows you to experience a high strength whisky and to control the aroma and flavour profile by the addition of water, opening up the different notes.  We suggest trying it neat initially (that's how we enjoy it) and slowly add water to experience the whisky at different strengths until it perfectly meets your individual taste. 

Matured in a single 20 litre New French Oak cask this is a standout for the discerning whisky enthusiast.  

French Oak is remarkably porous to alcohol meaning that the spirit makes its way deep into the staves of a cask made from this wood.

That also means there is more spirit lost to evaporation through the wood (The Angels' Share).  The upside of this loss is that, as the level of spirit drops, the increased oxygen in the cask "smooths" the whisky. 

- 34 bottles only

- 52% a.b.v.

- Double distilled in our bespoke copper pot still

- Non chill filtered

- Each bottle individually hand labeled and hand numbered 

- Bottle can be signed on request (simply ask in order notes)


 READ MORE about the process of creating Nonesuch Whisky.


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