Petite Bottle - Single Malt Whisky

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Petite Bottle Whisky


The Petite Bottle range offers a small number of 200 ml bottles from selected releases of Nonesuch whiskies.  

These exceptional and rare whiskies have been hand-crafted at our family distillery in rural Tasmania from grain that we select, grist and ferment onsite before double distillation in our bespoke copper pot still.

Each release of our whisky has been matured in a single, very small oak cask. Hence, it retains the characteristics that are unique to each individual batch.

READ MORE - about the process of creating Nonesuch Whisky.

Currently available:

CASK 14 -
Ex-Pinot Noir (20 Litre) Cask
65.2% A.B.V.  *Cask Strength 

CASK 16 -
New French Oak (20 Litre) Cask
48% A.B.V.

ND19 -
New French Oak - Double Cask
45% A.B.V.

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