Single Malt Whisky

Exceptional and rare whiskies that have been hand-crafted at our family distillery in rural Tasmania from grain that we select, grist and ferment onsite before double distillation in our bespoke copper pot still.

Our whisky has been matured for a minimum of two years in a single, very small oak cask. Hence, it retains the characteristics that are unique to each individual batch.

Read more about the process of creating Nonesuch Whisky.

Currently available:

CASK 7 -
Ex Port 20 Litre Cask
48.2% A.B.V.
The angels took more than their share of the contents of this cask meaning there are only 37 x 500ml bottles produced.

CASK 10 -
Ex Sherry 20 Litre Cask
64.6% A.B.V.
This cracking whisky provides you with the opportunity to enjoy it at the strength that it came out of cask. Of course that also means you can also experience it at lower a.b.v that suits your personal taste. The best way to enjoy a higher-proof whisky is with water. That is how our distillers drink it, and you should never be afraid to dilute your whisky to suit you.
Only 30 x 500ml bottles produced.

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