Liquor Licence No. 77738

About Us

Rex Burdon Distiller and Founder Nonesuch DistilleryAt Nonesuch Distillery we are absolutely serious about producing premium distilled spirits and liqueurs and determined to make our products available to our customers at reasonable prices.

Therefore we have made some changes to the traditional way distillers get products to market and interact with customers.

While we have made our product available in a (very) few select retail outlets we only sell through this site, at our distillery or the occasional event or market. 

The other thing you will discover about us is that we are not pretentious. 
Great spirit doesn’t get any greater because of the building that houses the still or because of some gold leaf on a label designed by the latest fashionista.  It isn't a better spirit because it is presented in a bespoke box made from some rare specialty timber studded with gems and lined with ermine or sable.  
Great spirit is great spirit due to the quality of the raw ingredients, the extra care taken in production (we call that the love factor) and the constant improvement of every step in the process. 

OUR PHILOSOPHY is to only make only the amount that we reckon we can devote sufficient attention to in order to get the optimum result.  Quality over quantity.  So you might not always be able to purchase your favourite Nonesuch tipple (it will be bottled when it’s ready and not before) but when you can buy it (a) you should grab it and (b) you will be assured of it being as good as it gets.. 



The Nonesuch Distillery is situated on the Rayburn property, a working farm in Tasmania's South-East (just 15 minutes from Hobart Airport & on the road to Port Arthur) at  491 Arthur Highway, Forcett   7173

Because we want you to enjoy a real experience we suggest you call ahead to arrange a visit.  This allows us to make sure we can devote sufficient time to make your visit not only enjoyable but informative as well as you discover more about Nonesuch Distillery products and how to enjoy them. 

Helping bottle sloe gin at Nonesuch Distillery
It is possible that we can involve you in whatever is happening too.  Depending on the day you might get to bottle and label one of the products, decant a vat of sloe gin or mix the botanicals for our gin.

Alternatively you might simply enjoy a chat about how we make our products, get to know the botanicals used and have a taste. 

We look forward to your call on 0408 616 442 

If you want to drop in without booking (we might not always be there) please be aware that production activity might mean we may only be able to offer you a more limited experience or a tasting.




We want you to enjoy a Nonesuch Distillery experience too and we want to have the same ongoing relationship with you as we do with visitors to the distillery.  Technology lets us bring that experience to you.

Chat sessions and on-line forums involve you in what is happening and allows us to answer your questions about Nonesuch products or distilling generally in the same way we do in a face to face situation at the distillery.

We also be posting on social media and YouTube as well as live streaming on Periscope so you get a look behind the scenes too.