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Liquor Licence No. 77738

Dates We Are Closed

We are usually open between 10:00am and 3:00pm except Sat and Wed.

On occasions we are booked for private events or for our Whisky Making Experience and hence the distillery is closed outside our usual opening hours.

The days we know we are closed are listed but please keep in mind that a late booking or unexpected event may result in us not being available so we do suggest you call ahead.

Mon 13th Nov 2017
Sun   10th Dec 2017
Mon  25th Dec 2017
Tue   26th Dec 2017
Mon    1st  Jan 2018
Sun    7th  Jan 2018
Sun    4th Feb 2018
Sun    4th Mar 2018
Mon    5th Mar 2018 
Sun    6th May 2018
Mon    7th May 2018