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Liquor Licence No. 77738


This is a unique opportunity to spend the day with our distiller and participate in each and every step in producing a craft Whisky. 

Nonesuch still

You will be absolutely hands-on as you experience traditional craft distilling first-hand in a small family operated distillery.

The Whisky Making Experience is not a sanitised “tour”.  You don't just watch someone else making Whisky.  You will be actively involved in everything from milling the grain, mashing-in and producing the wort, taking specific gravity readings and starting the fermentation.  

You will be alongside the distiller as the Low Wines are distilled to produce the New Make spirit that will be matured to become Whisky.  During the distillation you will help determine the "cut points" using the centuries old method based on taste and smell.

Taking and recording alcohol by volume measurements, using conversion tables and even preparing and filling a cask (that will bear your name and signature) will be some of the tasks you will learn to do.

On top of the fun we know you will have during your Whisky Making Experience, when the spirit in the cask that you have filled has matured, a bottle will be reserved for you to purchase (if you wish) at 25% off the usual retail price.

We are happy for you to take photos during the day and you can ask as many questions as you want.

There truly is no better experience for whisky lovers who are keen to experience the process of making craft whisky in a small family run distillery. 

                      Mashing in     Cask    

To ensure you get the optimum out of your day we suggest you limit your group to three people. 

Only $365 per person (minimum 2 people).

The price includes a workers lunch in the distillery, morning tea, tastings of the Nonesuch range of products as well as a dram or two of specially selected whiskies so you can compare styles.  You will be one of very few to sample the maturing the spirit in one of our casks.  You will also get a gift pack as a memento of your day.  

To arrange your Nonesuch Whisky Making Experience please email us at  (remember to include your phone number in the message).  We will then contact you to answer any questions you have and to organise your day.   



Please note: Participation requires a certain level of fitness as some aspects entail physical activity. The NONESUCH WHISKY MAKING EXPERIENCE takes place in a working distillery and as such is unsuitable for anyone who has an underlying health problem that would prevent them from carrying out physical activity or standing for long periods of time.
Travel to and from the distillery is not included in the price.