Nonesuch Sloe Malt - Batch 7

This is an intriguing and complex drink that will reward you with its freshness, slight astringency, full body and lingering mellow malt finish.
Unique to Nonesuch Distillery, it is produced using a malt spirit
This double distilled spirit is made using the barley and pristine water for which Tasmanian malt whisky is renowned world-wide. 
To this impeccable spirit we add Tasmanian Sloes that are foraged from country hedgerows around Tasmania.  These Blackthorn tree hedgerows were planted into the fertile Tasmanian soil by early settlers from England.
The scarcity of quality sloes needed to make this product coupled with the small batches of spirit we can produce means we only ever have a limited number of bottles in each batch.
Each bottle is individually identified with the Batch and Bottle number.
(Please note that the bottle images shown may vary from batch to batch) 


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