Q: What is the difference between malt whisky and grain whisky?

Malt whisky is made exclusively from malted barley, while grain whisky is made from any cereal grain like corn, wheat, rye, and barley or most often a mix of those grains.


Q: Is there a difference in the distillation process between malt whisky and grain whisky?

Traditionally, yes but not at Nonesuch.  Worldwide almost all malt whisky is distilled in pot stills, while grain whisky is typically distilled in column stills.  At Nonesuch, however, both our malt whisky and grain whisky are distilled in a copper pot still. We do this because pot stills create more of the desirable compounds that add flavor and aroma to the spirit.


Q: Which type of whisky should I choose?

It really comes down to personal taste. If you prefer rich, bold flavors, go for the malt whisky. If you prefer a lighter, slightly sweeter taste, try our grain whisky.

Both have an abundance of flavor and aroma, as well as the richness, texture, and lingering finish that characterise a quality whisky.



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May 04, 2023 — Rex Burdon


Josh said:

Always an amazing product, have a couple different bottle and they never disappoint. Keep you the good work 👌

James swift said:

I like them both easy to drink

Charli said:

Always loved your whisky content, I’ve learned a lot and even tried a few ‘neat’. I’m still a ‘with a mixer’ person, but appreciate the aromas and now know how to tell which ones I’m more likely to at least be able to try without mixer – right before I add it lol

Luke said:

Not fussed either way! Because I know if it’s coming from Nonesuch it’s going to be good. Keep up the good work 👍👍👍

Brett said:

1st bottle i bought waa Rare Expression 11. That was brilliant. So many different flavours going on.

2nd bottle was Triple Grain ex Bourbon barrel.
That was also brilliant. Full of flavour, and was magic on ice.

Next bottle will be Single Malt.
Which i have no doubt, will also be brilliant!!

Jai said:

Been following your whisky for a while, and the Triple Grain is a really interesting dram. One of the more unique approaches and taste profiles from Tasmania, it still reigns as one of my favourite.

Shaun said:

I’ve always been a big whisky fan and can’t wait to try a bottle of yours. Love the work you do on all your platforms

Brad said:

Popped in for a looksee and from the first wiff i knew this was the place to be, tried a few tassie distillerys on my lap of the island but this by far is the best hidden gem. Absolutely love the triple grain lads, keep up the awesome work 🤙

Shaun King said:

I love my tassie whisky & believe in made local, spend local, support local & have a small business myself. But when I first tried Nonesuch Triple Grain at the Richmond tasting house to try new tassie whisky I haven’t had before, I was just wowed by the smoothness & flavours there whisky had/has. It really is different from all other tassie whiskies or whiskies I have tried over the years & is definitely now in my top favorite whiskies. Top stuff.

Ian said:

Loved your whiskey the first time I tasted it. Bought a bottle while there doing a course – covid has been a dog for getting there, but looking forward to getting back down again and picking up a lovely drop!

Bradley Mackintosh said:

I was never a fan of grain whiskeys until I tried one from Nonesuch, tastes very different to most.

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