Love what we do

There is a passion in the process behind every single bottle we produce and the greatest reward for us each day is seeing the culmination of our commitment to quality over quantity being enjoyed, respected and revered by you.

Meet the team

Nonesuch is a family owned and operated distillery established by Rex and Annette in 2015.

Initially, Nonesuch Distillery was established to be a gin distillery. We were keen to create gins that spoke of "place" by using some local botanicals alongside the more traditional ingredients. This saw us develop our Sloe Gin using sloes from old hedgerows around the state.  

In 2017 Chris joined his dad, Rex, and Annette at the distillery and bought with him a passion to create Nonesuch whisky. Chris' dedication, research and passion has resulted in the creation of Nonesuch Single Malt and the distinctive Nonesuch Single Grain Whiskies.

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