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Whisky Making Experience - Be A Distiller For A Day

September 21, 2016

Many of the visitors to our distillery have commented along the lines of "I would love to do what you do" so we thought "why not?" and set about making it possible for them to experience a day in the distillery. More than a tour, this experience puts participants right in the midst of the production of either a craft gin or Whisky. This experience is certainly one for the bucket list or it is a unique and amazing gift for anyone interested in learning how small batch, craft spirits are produced. For more information or to book click here                       

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Adding "Wow" Factor To Your Cheeseboard

July 14, 2016

When contemplating what drink to serve with a wonderful cheese platter we tend to almost naturally turn our thoughts to Port.  But if you want to really impress your guests and take them out of their comfort zone, try serving a Nonesuch Sloe Gin or Sloe Malt instead.  The different cheeses bring out the botanicals and flavour notes in the Sloe Gin and Sloe Malt.  These either contrast with, or complement, the different characteristics of the cheese and that makes for intriguing partnerships. Sloe Gin with Stilton is probably my favourite pairing.  The mouth filling richness of Sloe Gin works superbly with this cheese.  The Sloe Gin has much the same rich flavour as a Vintage Port but, despite being...

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Hot Buttered Sloe Gin Toddy Recipe

June 21, 2016

Hot Toddy’s are thought to improve colds and flu’s because alcohol numbs pain and encourages sleep, and the addition of fruit juice gives a boost of vitamin C. The science is out on whether Hot Toddy’s can really cure a cold, but one thing’s for certain – there’s a lot of fun in finding out.Besides being a great warming drink. INGREDIENTS 35ml Nonesuch Sloe Gin 100ml Apple juice1 10ml Cranberry Juice2   10ml Pomegranate Juice2 Knob of unsalted butter 1.5g sugar (or a few grams more or less to your taste or substitute honey for the sugar) 1 Clove (optional) Cinnamon stick (optional)  Use juice with no added sugar You can use any combination of Cranberry and Pomegranate Juice to make...

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Nonesuch Sloe Gin makes it to Northern Ireland

June 05, 2016

Selling the majority of our products either in person at the distillery or on-line has a tremendous benefit for us.  We get to meet our customers either face to face or on-line. Quite often a note attached to an order tells us that the product being purchased is a gift or there is a comment about their enjoyment of their previous purchase. We had one of those online and email conversations with Jackie from Berowra Heights in NSW.  Jackie informed us that she was ordering a bottle of our Tasmanian Sloe Gin to take with her to Ireland as a gift for her parents.  More than twenty years ago Jackie’s family had lived in Cambridge and used to make sloe...

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