The Process


Whisky is a marriage between the art of distillation and the essence of pristine water. In this realm, Tasmania reigns supreme, with its serene landscapes and untamed wilderness providing a natural haven for some of the best water on Earth.


Australia is home to some of the best barley crops and barley farmers in the world. We are fortunate to have built great relationships with the best farmers, maltsters and suppliers of the best grains Australia has to offer year after year to use in our Tasmanian Whisky.


For us, each step of producing amazing whisky is as important as the next, for this reason we choose to brew and ferment our own wash onsite. 

Things like the water, the air and the temperature of the yeast working on the ferment are all steps where we can introduce flavour and uniqueness and we can't imagine not being hands-on for such an important step.


Our finished wash is then double distilled in our Tasmanian built copper pot still aptly named "Pandora".

Being a modest 300 litre still she allows us to run the second distillation or "spirit run" with a very gentle flow giving us a very refined and smooth spirit ready for barrels.


Small oak casks between 20 and 50 litres are chosen by our distillers based on the character of each spirit run. 

Every spirit run is slightly unique due to the fact we are allowing nature to impart so much at earlier stages in production. The barrels we use can be anything from ex-Bourbon barrels to Ports, Pinots or Sherry’s and even new French oak.


Tasting the whisky inside the barrels to decide when the whisky is at it’s peak and at what strength we want to bottle, is the only way a cask can be deemed "ready".

As we have chosen not to chill filter our whisky, we employ a more rudimentary method where we allow the whisky to settle out any particulate and/or floc before we hand bottle and label at the distillery.


The most important part is knowing that this whisky will one day be opened and enjoyed, however you like to drink it. Whether reflecting on past memories or possibly while creating new ones. It is the obligation we bestow upon ourselves to ensure that experience is without equal.

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