Nonesuch Triple Grain Whisky ND88 has been aged in charred American oak barrels. 

  • Cask 88 that was coopered from New American Oak and
  • Cask 91 that was coppered from a used American Oak (ex-bourbon) barrel. 

What characteristics does American Oak bring to a whisky? 

American oak casks are known for having high levels of vanillin, a compound responsible for giving wood its sweet vanilla flavour, which is transferred to the whisky during aging. 

In addition to vanilla notes, American oak casks can also impart flavours of caramel, butterscotch, and coconut to the whisky. 

The use of American oak casks also has an impact on the appearance of the whisky, with the whiskey often taking on a light golden colour from the oak. 

American oak is also known for its high levels of tannins, which can contribute to the overall mouthfeel and texture of the whisky. 

Overall, American oak casks play an important role in shaping the flavor and aroma profile of many whiskies, and are a popular choice among distillers and blenders for their ability to impart a rich and complex range of flavours to the spirit.
February 04, 2023 — Rex Burdon

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