Nestled where we are in Tasmania, our distillery enjoys a unique climate that greatly influences the character of our whisky. The cold nights and crisp mornings typical of our region usually give way to warmer days. This daily temperature fluctuation is not just a quirk of the weather that has us guessing what to wear, it is a critical element in maturing our whisky.

As temperatures rise and fall, the whisky within each cask undergoes a natural expansion and contraction process. This dynamic interaction with the wood is essential for developing the rich, complex flavors that define our spirits.

As it warms, the spirit expands and seeps into the oak staves, extracting wood sugars, lignins and tannins that flavour the whisky as well as create depth and character. As it cools, the spirit recedes, bringing with it the flavors and colors it has absorbed.  

This continual ebb and flow allows for a deeper and faster extraction of these essential components, enriching the whisky with a distinctive profile.  At the same time it is being softened and smoothed by the wood.  

Our whisky doesn't just age; it evolves with the seasons, drawing unique characteristics from our environment. The result is a spirit that not only reflects the craftsmanship behind it but also the very essence of our Tasmanian climate.

May 27, 2024 — Rex Burdon

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