Nonesuch Sloe Gin is a handcrafted artisanal liqueur resulting from steeping Sloe Berries, tiny wild relative of the plum, in sweetened double distilled gin that is specially crafted to compliment the intricate flavours of the fruit.

The sloes are handpicked from around the beautiful island of Tasmania before being individually sorted and washed.  Any fruit that is not in perfect condition and any wayward leaves of stalks that have found their way into pickers' containers are immediately removed.  Yes, we are pedantic but it’s this extra love and care that we give to the process that results in such an exquisite sloe gin.

We let the steeping continue until the mouthwatering fruit flavor has developed and a vibrant color has been fully released into the gin.

Our sloe gin is not of the low quality variety that is extremely sweet and has a thick consistency. Our skill is in establishing just the right degree of sweetness to balance the tartness of the sloes, without overpowering the flavour of either them or the gin.    

Nonesuch Sloe Gin is delightful served neat, with two cubes of ice and is a perfect accompaniment to a cheese and fruit platter.  However, for those more adventurous, it works wonderfully well in a range of cocktails. Try it in your next Gin and Tonic or impress the room with one of these amazing cocktails!