Whisky lovers; Get ready for an outstanding drinking experience:
Nonesuch Single Grain whisky.

In Tasmania nearly all the whisky produced is Single Malt made using only malted barley.
Nonesuch also produce amazing Single Malts, but we are also very aware that the whisky industry here is still young and consumers have not been presented with a wide range of whisky styles.

We have a philosophy to create spirits with amazing and unique flavour profiles. This desire led us to looking at the development of small batch Grain Whisky.

Nonesuch Distillery is the first Tasmanian Distillery to produce this style with distillers Chris and Rex having created a remarkable mash recipe using Rye, Corn and Barley.

Naturally the exact ratio of each grain used is a closely guarded secret.

The term Single Grain may seem at odds with the use of three cereal grains.
Let us explain –
  • Single means that the whisky has been produced at one single distillery.
  • Grain signifies the use of grains other than (or along with) the barley used in Single Malts.
At Nonesuch we understand the amazing characters of a combination of grains brings to whisky. We also believe these characters are boosted by distilling in a traditional pot still.

Pot Stills are customarily used to distil Single Malt whiskies and it was apparent to us that using our Tasmanian-made copper pot-still would similarly enhance the mouthfeel and length of Grain Whisky.

Chris has worked creatively to make sure each grain highlights the others in the mash bill.

The spirit is matured in small casks and released as a unique bottling (i.e. Single Cask, Single Grain Whisky).

So, what is this whisky like?

As always, we are reluctant to be overly specific with tasting notes as we want you to discover the nose and palate as you enjoy unravelling the complexity of the whisky.

But as an overview, we can tell you that the peppery spiciness of the rye balances the sweeter, vanilla flavours of the corn and both grains enhance the mellowness of the barley.