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Released back in 2018 the 44 bottle release of Cask number 1 sold out almost instantly.
For the first time since we are thrilled to be making a bottle of cask 1 available by silent auction.
We are inviting any interested party to submit their bid via the contact form below.
Enter your best bid before December 8th

A "Single Grain" Whisky is one that is produced at a single distillery using any combination of 2 or more cereal grains.

Nonesuch cask 1 was the first Tasmanian Whisky to be produced with Corn as one of the grains within the mash bill.
The Corn delivers a delightful sweetness to the Whisky and along with the Rye & Malted Barley this recipe would eventually become known as Nonesuch Triple Grain.

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