Liquor Licence No. 77738
Delicate, floral and complex...deliciously dry and a complete joy to sip in a glass with a cold rock (so as not to dilute the wonderfulness).
Robert Elliott, Tasmania
This gin is the best I have tasted, beautifully smooth and aromatic and as a sipping gin just perfect.
Joanne John, United Kingdom
(from The Martini Whisperer)
Neat: Nose is intense and spiced and I picked out the liquorice and citrus, but its all nicely integrated. On the palette its rich and creamy with plenty of heat up front with a residual sweetness.

In a Martini: This worked well for me. Although only 40% alcohol by volume (slightly less that many other gins which can land at 42%+) the juniper and other botanicals give the spirit depth and bite. on the palette.
Make room on your shelf for this hand-crafted small batch gin from Tasmania.

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