Welcome to Nonesuch Distillery's Blog page, where we proudly present BURDONS, a Tasmanian Whisky that embodies the essence of craftsmanship and dedication to perfection.

BURDONS is a Malt Whisky.  It is crafted with passion, expertise and an unwavering commitment to quality by the Nonesuch team.  It sits proudly and deservingly alongside our more traditional Single Malts but unlike those whiskies we don’t necessarily undertake each stage of creating BURDONS within our own distillery so we don’t give it the “single” designation.   

The heart of this extraordinary spirit lies in the careful selection of whisky made from 100% malted barley that has been aged in oak casks specifically selected by the distiller and coopered to the required specifications. 

The ability to contract some of the production enables us to avoid the bottlenecks that have constrained us in our small distillery.  It has also meant that we have benefited from not having to undertake expensive capital upgrades.  Those two things combined mean we can bring BURDONS, a whisky that meets all our established standards in regard to quality, to you at a very appealing price.

The art of distilling and blending has been perfected in this whisky, and it is our sincere privilege to share it with you.  Available from Noon (A.E.S.T.) Saturday 29 July 2023

  • 500ml
  • 41% abv
  • $169

(A note on labeling. Many distilleries have part of their production done outside their own distillery. That can be the mash process or the fermentation stage, or both, and are able to label their whisky as single malt. At Nonesuch only the whiskies created entirely at our distillery are branded Single Malt.)


July 25, 2023 — Rex Burdon


The Nonesuch Team said:

Hi Tim,
Sorry we missed your comment until now. The parts of the process not done at our own distillery can and will vary dependent on circumstances. If we need a certain characteristic or note in a batch to maintain the profile and we don’t have a cask available that delivers that we would seek that out from one of our colleagues for example. If we have a bottleneck in regard to fermentation or wash runs we could contract that bit out. One thing that will always be the case is that the spirit runs and maturation will be done at Nonesuch.

The Nonesuch Team said:

Hi David,
Sorry we missed your comment until now. Thanks heaps for taking the time to leave us that great feedback.
Hope you enjoyed The Burdons.

David Knight said:

WOW…amazing stuff, I found you guys on TicTok during Covid Lockdowns. Have enjoyed every dram from a couple of your bottles and now looking forward to getting my hands on a bottle of BURDONS Tasmanian Whisky!

Tim said:

Which part of the production not carried out by Nonesuch?

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