A bottle of Burdons Tasmanian whisky on a white background with reflection

Introducing BURDONS

Welcome to Nonesuch Distillery's Blog page, where we proudly present BURDONS, a Tasmanian Whisky that embodies the essence of craftsmanship and dedication to perfection. BURDONS is a Malt Whisky.  It...
July 25, 2023 — Rex Burdon
Nonesuch Triple Grain Tasmanian Whisky at the distillery

Triple Grain Whisky - Tasmanian Whisky Innovation

In Tasmania nearly all the whisky produced is Single Malt meaning it is made using only malted barley and naturally Nonesuch also produce amazing Single Malts.  But, we have a...
Whisky from cask

What Temperature Is Best For Whisky?

This is one of those subjective things.  We all have our own judgement on what is "best" when it comes to taste and smell. So the "best temperature" is the...
January 03, 2021 — Rex Burdon
Nonesuch Tasmanian Grain Whisky

Whisky News with Distiller Chris

The hardest thing about being a young distillery is deciding on the Whisky style/profile you want to be known for.

I’m super excited to say moving forward this will be one of ours.

In a Tassie Whisky first, we decided our mash bill should consist of 
May 23, 2020 — Chris Burdon
Why Do We Burn The Inside Of Whisky Casks?

Why Do We Burn The Inside Of Whisky Casks?

Charring is not done to create any sort of smokiness in whisky or because it is a great thing to watch being done. The purpose of toasting and/or charring (we will...
Preparing Whisky For Bottling - Flocculation and Filtering

Preparing Whisky For Bottling - Flocculation and Filtering

When you next pick up a bottle of our whisky, invert it or give it a little shake.   If you are lucky enough you might see a hazy little cloud of...
Nonesuch Single Grain Whisky

The Whisky From Cask Number 1

In every distillery there is a special feeling about the first cask to be filled.  It was no different at Nonesuch Distillery.  We knew that the making of the whisky and filling Cask...
Nonesuch Whisky - The Spirit is Out Of The Cask

Nonesuch Whisky - The Spirit is Out Of The Cask

We have had a really exciting time recently as the very first cask of whisky was decanted and is being readied for bottling.Our in-house tasting team have determined that the...
September 09, 2018 — Rex Burdon
Adding "Wow" Factor To Your Cheeseboard

Adding "Wow" Factor To Your Cheeseboard

Contemplating what drink to serve with a wonderful cheese platter? If you want to really impress your guests serve a Nonesuch Sloe Gin.  It is one of the spirit’s secrets –...