Nonesuch Grain WhiskyThe hardest thing about being a young distillery is deciding on the Whisky style/profile you want to be known for.

I’m super excited to say moving forward this will be one of ours.

In a Tassie Whisky first, we decided our mash bill should consist of a big chunk of corn, some rye for that hint of spice and brought it all together with our specialty selected Australian barley.

The sweet, creamy, spicy, new make spirit had to be paired with the perfect barrel style and for that we have chosen New American Oak as well as Ex-Bourbon barrels that are coopered for us right here in Tasmania.

I’m always reserved in choosing a favourite from our whiskies but I’m confident to say I feel this is one of, if not the best, whiskies we have produced to date.

There will be a 30 bottle member only exclusive release coming in the very near future so if you want access to this cracker please make sure you subscribe to the members newsletter.

We want everyone to have an equal chance to be able to snap up a bottle of this one (Tasmania’s only Triple Grain, Pot Distilled Whisky) so release details will be sent to newsletter subscribers soon.

Cheers to you all.
Distiller Chris

May 23, 2020 — Chris Burdon

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