Decanting Cask No 1We have had a really exciting time recently as the very first cask of whisky was decanted and is being readied for bottling.
Our in-house tasting team have determined that the bottling strength for this particular whisky will be 48% abv as, at this strength, the characters present best.

Bottling whisky is not simply a process of moving it from the cask to bottles. When we add water to the cask strength spirit a chemical reaction takes place and that results in some of the proteins and oils coming out of suspension. These oils and proteins only need to be removed for aesthetic purposes, they actually contribute a lot of flavour and colour but look unappealing if left in the bottle. So we will now leave the spirit for around 8 - 12 weeks allowing the flock will settle at the bottom of the container. Provided no-one accidently bumps the container and sends the flock back through the whisky we will be releasing our first bottles in January 2019.

Some distilleries remove the flock by chill-filtration. To do that hey chill the whisky to between -10 degrees and 4 degrees Celsius and then force it through a fine filter.  This removes the flock but also strips the whisky of a lot of its colour, flavour and viscosity. To offset that loss Caramel (E150) is added for colour and glycerine to improve mouthfeel.
We won't be doing any of that as we believe whisky should be only made using alcohol, water and time.

We will keep you up to date with progress as we move toward the release of the whisky.
We regret that due to the very small number of bottles that will come from each of our single cask bottlings we are unable to reserve bottles in advance of the release.
September 09, 2018 — Rex Burdon


gavin haberfield said:

thanks Rex really looking forward to it

doron rosmarin said:

hi rex. would one be able to taste the difference between added caramel/glycerine if not stated? or is that part of whisky affionado’s journey? your thoughts?

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