Double Oaked Sherry Cask - History Bottle


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ND59 - Triple Grain Cask Strength

Bottle number 4 of 21

Pulled from our personal collection of historic releases this is your chance to own a piece of our distilleries history. 

Bottled and released in 2021 producing a very limited 21 bottles only.  

This is another one of our whiskies that we wish we had many more bottles of.  It was always going to be a small batch as we only filled a 20 litre cask.  The angles took a bit more than a fair "share" though. 

What they left us with is just 21 bottles of this batch.  But 21 bottles of a whisky with amazing character.

This release was matured in select ex-sherry casks and bottled at the 67% alcohol by volume at which it cane out of the cask.

It spent the first eight months resting in cask 59 before being removed to Cask 81 for the rest of its maturation.

This unique Double Oak, Cask Strength release showcases the exceptional and memorable characteristics that develop due to our small cask maturation process.

This very special bottle comes with a certification of its authenticity signed by both the distillery founder and the distiller. 

Released: 2021
Cask: 20L Used Sherry casks
ABV: 67%
Bottle No: 4/21