News and Stories from the Distillery Team

ND67 Ex Sherry Cask Single Malt

Back in 2019 we had the opportunity to buy some amazing oak casks, including one that had been seasoned with a blend...

Hayley's Sloe Gin Spritz

Nothing makes us prouder than when people choose our products to enjoy on very special occasions.  So imagine how ple...

Triple Grain Whisky - Tasmanian Whisky Innovation

In Tasmania nearly all the whisky produced is Single Malt meaning it is made using only malted barley and naturally N...

This Whisky Release Is our "Thank You"

ND44 is the latest in our ex-red wine cask matured releases and this one comes to you at an almost unbelievably speci...

Newsletter - Cask Strength Whisky, Cocktail Strength Sloe + more

We are naturally upset at the number of our subscribers and customers who are being affected by COVID.  Here in Tasma...

How ND28 Release Came About

We are taking you on the journey of release ND28. If you have been following us for a while you will be aware that we...

What Temperature Is Best For Whisky?

This is one of those subjective things.  We all have our own judgement on what is "best" when it comes to taste and ...

Tonic - It Matters

There are so many brands of tonic water available now that choosing one to use in your Gin and Tonic can be daunting....

Sloe Gin Fruit Crumble

Are you craving something different and amazingly delicious for desert?   This Sloe Gin Fruit Crumble is just the tr...

Whisky News with Distiller Chris

The hardest thing about being a young distillery is deciding on the Whisky style/profile you want to be known for.I’m super excited to say moving forward this will be one of ours.In a Tassie Whisky first, we decided our mash bill should consist of 

Competitions, Medals and Awards - Too Much?

What is going on with all these whisky awards and competitions?  Do they mean anything to consumers and do they offer a guide to purchasing when many smaller craft distilleries find the costs of entry too great to participate.  Respected writer and collector Philip Morrice from My Whisky Journeys raised some interesting points that we expand on.

Making Nonesuch Sloe Gin Ready For Bottling

Sloe Gin is a product that we firmly believe needs patience and time if an exemplary expression of the style is to be achieved.  Originally, in England and Ireland, Sloe Gin was made for family consumption in very small batches. 
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