Breakfast, Brunch and Gin

Breakfast, Brunch and Gin

You know how it is. You are having a group of friends over to your place for that mid-morning meal and, while you know that you can be brilliantly creative in...
October 08, 2017 — Rex Burdon

Cooking With Gin - Martini Mussels

Tasmanian produce, whether it is from the sea, farms or orchards is amazingly good and is recognised nationally and internationally.

The small batch spirits distilled at Nonesuch Distillery are made with the care and attention to detail that ensures they continue the gourmet tradition of other Tasmanian producers.

When there are such great ingredients available it is just natural to match them for a foodie delight.

Dirty Martini MusselsThis recipe uses delicious mussels from Tasmania's pristine East Coast waters and wonderful Tasmanian olive oil along with our Tasmanian Dry Gin to create a dish based on the classic Dirty Martini cocktail.
(By the way, a true Martini uses gin. .... always gin)

Cooking with Gin - Gravlax

What could be better than serving your own Gin Cured Gravlax?

GravlaxCuring, as a culinary method has been used for a very long time.  It is one of the fastest and easiest ways to preserve fresh meat and fish and it results in amazingly intense flavours. 

The botanicals used in Nonesuch Dry Gin add a subtle richness to this dish.

You Will Need:

March 21, 2016 — Rex Burdon
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What Is In My Gin?  #1 Juniper

What Is In My Gin? #1 Juniper

We are discovering from our visitors that, while a majority are aware that gin is a spirit flavoured with botanicals, most want to know a bit more about those individual ingredients.


is the predominant botanical (and the one from which gin gets its name) we think it is logical that we start our journey through the botanicals with this “berry”.

Firstly, let’s dispense with the notion that

March 04, 2016 — Rex Burdon
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